Monkey Preschool Lunchbox App Reviews

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On est en France !!!!

Jeux en anglais

How do u change the language?!?

I bought the app to support my son in learning english. Now its in local german and I cant change it!!! I type in my age and nothing happens!

Happy learning, although redundant

My 3 yr old loves this game! He could play it for hours. I find it too redundant, but he loves it and I like that he continues learning from it.


Great buy! My 3 year mastered it so it needs more but good money reinforcers to keep the kids going

really worth the money

My 16 month old daughter enjoys playin it..amazing how she learned all the matching and forming puzzles without my help. a bunch of thanks to the creator.


My 2 year old loves this game. Keeps her entertained for quite awhile. Good learning game for toddlers!

Quiet time

Worth every penny. How much is 15 minutes of quiet time worth? I have had this app since my daughter turned 2 and a year and a half later it is still her favorite. In the beginning it was time together learning and now its quiet time. Again worth every penny.

Love it

My 3 year old loves this game!

Good but short

Each game is about 10-30 sec so thats only 2-3min in total, it should be free or have more levels. But for the first 5 min or so the kids live it.

3-4 year old loves this

This game has been a fav of my child for over a year and he never seems to tire of it. He especially loves the stickers.

Loved by my son!

My son has been playing this game for months, hell be 2 in a few weeks, and he just LOVES it! He plays it himself now and only occasionally requires assistance -- randomly with the puzzle game. If he could rate this I swear hed give it 10 stars =)

Love love love it!!

My 2 year old can play this for hours. She has learned so much from it. I just wish it had harder levels that she could advance to. Otherwise its perfect, and she has no complaints.

Worth every penny

My 4 year old daughter loves this game. Terrific interaction and fun sound effects. Drives me nuts after 5 minutes, but then again, it wasnt made for me :) Well worth $0.99.


Love this app. Wish you would make more. My 3,5 and 6 year olds all have fun with it.

Best 2+ app ever!!

Both of my kids (2 and 6) love the whole monkey preschool app collection, they are fantastic and educational! Thanks for the great apps!! =)

Great, but a little repetitive

Needs to have a few more activities or upgrade packs.

Great educational game

My 21 month old daughter loves it! Keep them coming THUP

Daughter loves it.

Ill buy anything they make they havent steered me wrong yet.


Dont waste your dollar..

Its a hit!!!

Came by this app by chance, and my three year old nephew loves it. Very educational and apparently fun!!

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