Monkey Preschool Lunchbox App Reviews

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How do u change the language?!?

I bought the app to support my son in learning english. Now its in local german and I cant change it!!! I type in my age and nothing happens!

Game was OK

The app functions are easy to figure out and my son enjoyed it for a few days. After a few days the content was repetitive and to simple for him. Hes only 2 1/2 and he was bored. I wish this game offered more content.

Teaches bad habits

This was a nice game in a lot of ways but my daughter learned she could randomly make choices and get the same results. At first, she used logic to figure the games out but after a while she learned that it was easier to just randomly "guess". Not a trial and error method but just no thought whatsoever. Its when I noticed her using the same method in daily activities that I deleted the app. Now it could be that she learned this prior to the game and I just didnt notice it. Either way the game doesnt promote logical thinking and rewards not thinking. I definitely do not recommend this app and would strongly advise against it. Its a shame because it is really well done but I cant overlook the detrimental affect.

My son and I agree: best toddler app

The sounds and the music can feel annoying at first, but my son has learned things like bigger and smaller, colors, and my favorite is the memory game part. I do not know how much he has really learned from this app but from this app I know how much he has learned. It is my favorite app for a toddler. It never crashes, it always works, and it never take my son to some weird place to buy other stuff.

Keeping this on my iPad

This was my sons favorite app for years. Hes now 7, and outgrew it a long time ago. But I keep it on my iPad, because numerous times it has helped me to distract other fussy kids!

best free game

Toddler loves it and weve downloaded a bunch of free crap ware. This has virtually no ads is educational and high replay value.

Loves it!

My now 3 year old son loves this game. Hes been playing since he was 2, while he needed a little assistance in the beginning, he can play alone now. Cute game!


My 2 year old loves this game very much that i paid for the bundle.. It is extremely educational and fun. She enjoys it very much on my iPad.. The developers did a great job! I am definitely buying all other new ones.. She is leveling up each day and it just amazing results. My 7 year old daughter also enjoy it.. This is just an amazing game. Great job!! I recommend this to all parents out there if you want ur little ones to start with an easy game.

Perfect for toddlers

My daughter started playing this when she was one. She quickly learned all of her shapes and colors! She is now three and still likes to play even though they games are a little repetitive for her now.

My 2yr Old Loves!

My 2yr old son adores this game and has actually learned quite a bit from it.

no mute?!?!

seriously didnt even get past the home screen.. you can turn off the music but not the narration

Same as free kid games

This is a good app I am rating it a two because it provides the same thing as the free kids apps. I was hoping since Im paying money for this he would offer different activities.


My son loves these games. I like that they are educational and the stickers are fun rewards. Good graphics. I do wish we could save the sticker boards. Hope to see more to come.

We love this app!!

My almost 18 month old son loves this app! He can do everything except the matching but I know it wont be long. Im glad its all learning, too. Colors, shapes, puzzle/manipulatives. Its great.

My 2 yr old loves this app

I downloaded this app for my 4yr old niece. She and my 2 yr old son both love it. My son can do all the activities himself except for matching and the puzzle. It be nice if I could pick and choose what activities he does but regardless its still a great app.

Engaging and fun

This is a great app! I love it so much that I also got the app for math and words. The challenges are age appropriate and engaging. I enjoy watching my kids have such a great time when they complete something on their own and want to do it again.

LOVE IT! Best game for littles

This game is really great for little kids. My kids learned a lot from this game and have a lot of fun playing it.

Really great, but needs a time setting

Its so addictive and repetitive that I cant pull it away! Would be awesome to have a 5-10-15-30 min timer setting that takes you too the closest sticker spot. Then a well done! Its over graphic...

Love but want hard skills

My students love all the monkey app but need more challenging now. I would love to know if you add more games.

My son loves it

Great educational game.

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