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Monkey Preschool Lunchbox app for iPhone and iPad

Games Education Educational Family
Developer: THUP Games
1.99 USD

The #1 preschool game in the app store. Learn and have fun by helping monkey pack lunch! Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is a collection of seven exciting educational games for your preschooler (ages 2 to 5).

*** FEATURES ***
-7 different games that teach kids about colors, letters, counting, shapes, sizes, matching, and differences.

-Lovable animated monkey helps kids along as they play the games.

-Dozens of sounds and voice recordings of colors, letters, fruit names, and more.

-Animated Stickers! Kids get sticker rewards to encourage their progress.

-Designed for preschoolers -- no confusing menus or navigation.

-Unlimited play! Each game flows right into the next.

1. COLORS. This picky monkey only likes fruit of a certain color, touch only the color they like to pack the lunchbox. Teaches colors, color names, and grouping.

2. MATCHING. Match pairs of fruit hidden behind the cards to pack lunch for this monkey.

3. COUNTING. Count off the fruit the monkey is looking for to fill up the lunchbox. Teaches numbers and counting.

4. LETTERS. This monkey only wants fruit that starts with a certain letter, pick the fruit that starts with that letter. Teaches letters and letter sounds.

5. PUZZLE. This monkeys fruit broke into pieces! How odd! Put it back together for them. Teaches shapes and pattern recognition.

6. SPOT THE DIFFERENCE. Help the monkey spot the fruit that looks different, or is a different size. Teaches patterns, bigger, and smaller.

7. SHAPES. Help the monkey find the fruit in the shapes.

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Pros and cons of Monkey Preschool Lunchbox app for iPhone and iPad

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox app good for

Great buy! My 3 year mastered it so it needs more but good money reinforcers to keep the kids going
My 16 month old daughter enjoys playin it..amazing how she learned all the matching and forming puzzles without my help. a bunch of thanks to the creator.
Worth every penny. How much is 15 minutes of quiet time worth? I have had this app since my daughter turned 2 and a year and a half later it is still her favorite. In the beginning it was time together learning and now its quiet time. Again worth every penny.
This game has been a fav of my child for over a year and he never seems to tire of it. He especially loves the stickers.
My son has been playing this game for months, hell be 2 in a few weeks, and he just LOVES it! He plays it himself now and only occasionally requires assistance -- randomly with the puzzle game. If he could rate this I swear hed give it 10 stars =)
My 2 year old can play this for hours. She has learned so much from it. I just wish it had harder levels that she could advance to. Otherwise its perfect, and she has no complaints.

Some bad moments

seriously didnt even get past the home screen.. you can turn off the music but not the narration< /div>
This would have been a good game if not for the fact my son cant pick the game he wants to play. It just randomly goes to a different type of game. If there is a way to pick I cant find it.< /div>
This app is geared towards kids under 3. I bought it for my 4 year old and its way too easy. It doesnt keep the score from game to game. Also VERY redundant. I would like my money back.< /div>
There is a volume issue. Even if my phone is on silent the sound will still play. Twice now my daughter has accidentally woken our baby. My daughter shouldnt feel bad because you cant program correctly. Please fix this then back to 5 stars.< /div>
This is a good app I am rating it a two because it provides the same thing as the free kids apps. I was hoping since Im paying money for this he would offer different activities.< /div>
This was a nice game in a lot of ways but my daughter learned she could randomly make choices and get the same results. At first, she used logic to figure the games out but after a while she learned that it was easier to just randomly "guess". Not a trial and error method but just no thought whatsoever. Its when I noticed her using the same method in daily activities that I deleted the app. Now it could be that she learned this prior to the game and I just didnt notice it. Either way the game doesnt promote logical thinking and rewards not thinking. I definitely do not recommend this app and would strongly advise against it. Its a shame because it is really well done but I cant overlook the detrimental affect.< /div>

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